TomConnects is a top-tier service provider specializing in luxury asset acquisition. Originally focused on off-market cars, we have expanded our services to include being a buyer’s agent for luxury lifestyle and investment assets.

From assisting clients in choosing and specifying their desired items to conducting thorough searches, third-party inspections, and handling finance, insurance, and door-to-door delivery, TomConnects offers a comprehensive and personalized experience.

We also have a dedicated division, Exclusive & Limited, for ultra limited edition (less than 250 units made) cars and watches. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, TomConnects is the trusted partner for all your luxury asset needs.


TomConnects is your trusted partner whether you are searching for a prestigious Rolex Submariner or have been pursuing that elusive Hermes Birking handbag.

We assist you in selecting the perfect item, source it, ensure its authenticity, provide finance & insurance options, and deliver it securely to your doorstep.

With TomConnects, your luxury asset acquisition is personalized, reliable, of course confidential and hassle-free.


TomConnects is your trusted confidant and agent for finding sport, super, and classic cars starting from £100k upwards.

With our comprehensive sourcing package, we help you choose, search, present a shortlist, arrange third-party inspections, provide finance and insurance options, and deliver your car to your home.

Trust Tomconnects to make your car acquisition seamless and hassle-free.


EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED – your buyer’s agent for sourcing ultra Limited Edition cars & watches

At Exclusive & Limited, we are dedicated to fulfilling your desires for limited edition cars and watches.

Our comprehensive sourcing services, from consultation to delivery, ensure a seamless and exceptional experience.

With our expertise, extensive network, and commitment to excellence, we transform your dreams into reality.

Discover a world of luxury, exclusivity, and unparalleled craftsmanship with Exclusive & Limited.


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